Specialized in Human Identity Styling®

International Change Performer Christiene M. de Vries, specializing in Human Identity Styling® since 1989 is most exceptional female top change specialists in the Netherlands with a distinctive radical modern clear approach. She achieves remarkable results with all people -individual or in teams- who look for that certain change to educe power, personality and genius from within.   

The impact and variety of results of ten-thousands of hours Human Identity Styling®, have radically affected many personal, relational and professional lives. The effects of this special style of Change Performance is highly regarded for any purpose, in business and personal circumstances, with longer term benefits.

So, whatever your purpose, goals or needs or whatever area of your life, now you too can get profound insights, expertise, tools and drive that ensures you can achieve exactly what you want. All you have to do is utilize.

Utilizing the unconventional inspirational means that Christiene offers to you will positively and profoundly influence your mind and help you avail of the magnitude and genius of your personal traits and abilities. The thing that is inevitable, once you book and participate in a program with Christiene, is that you will change your awareness and feel different about yourself.


Seriously, would you only dream of better results?